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How to Fix “No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header” in ASP.NET WebAPI

I am not 100% sure what Google did to Chromium in Update 42.  However after that update landed I started to get reports of our Angularjs application started to have problems communicating with our ASP.NET WebAPI.  We started getting errors … Continue reading

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Order the controllers in ASP.NET WebAPI Help

Recently I started a new API project for my company.  With this project I decided to give the Help files generator that Microsoft created a try.  Overall it looks like it will meet the needs of the project.  Today however … Continue reading

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Entity Framework 5 easier way to update record

In the past with EF if you wanted to update a record you would need to do something like this:

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.Net 4.5/MVC/WebAPI RC and the missing JsonArray

  Before the RC release of MVC4/WebAPI JsonArray and JsonObject lived in System.Runtime.Serialization.  Once you upgrade your project these options disappear. The fix is pretty simple.  In the latest RC release of MVC4/WebApi Microsoft switched the JSON handler to JSON.NET

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Chlodny series Day 14: Web Api Upgrade from beta to RC

Over the weekend I finished upgrading the initial parts of the Chlodny Web Api project along with the past blog post of this series.  This post will go over the process I needed to do in order to upgrade from … Continue reading

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Chlodny series Day 13: Web Api Update

[Updated Web Api RC] The last part of the local CRUD application is update.  We will be following a similar pattern that was conducted in Day 12. Open CustomerController.cs and create a new method named PutCustomer that returns a HttpResponseMessage.    … Continue reading

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Chlodny series Day 12: Web Api Create

[Updated to Web Api RC] In our quest to create a CRUD application we have completed the read and the delete portion.  In this article we will generate the create functionality.  For now I am using the jQuery Templates in … Continue reading

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Chlodny series Day 11: Web Api Delete

[Updated for Web Api RC] In sessions 8-10 we added some get functionality along with paging and selection support to our grid.  Now what if we want to prune out customer database and remove one of those customers.

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Chlodny series Day 10: Clear selection

In session 9 we added paging and the selection events.  If you selected one or more rows from the top grid it would populate the bottom grid.  What if you want to remove everything from the selection grid

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Chlodny series Day 9: Grid View enhance paging and selecting

In the last session we utilized AJAX and called into our Web API to get a list of all the customers in the Chinook database.  We then took those results and bound them to a data grid so that an … Continue reading

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