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Windows 8 How to add Open PowerShell Here to Context menu

I use git-tfs and poshgit on windows.  So when I need to do a check-in I need to open PowerShell, navigate to the location of the project and so on and so forth.  That can get tedious at times, similarly … Continue reading

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PowerShell How to execute a collection of commands stored as strings

So if you follow my PowerShell profile github repo I have a few git function built.  The company I work for like many other companies has components spread out among multiple solutions.  I got tired of switching between solutions to … Continue reading

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Fix Live Mesh internet connection errors

Update Sept 22, 2011 — Friend just informed me that this also fixed an issue with Live Mail. I regularly get an error when I take my notebook from home to work. For some reason Live Mesh chokes on network … Continue reading

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