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Connect from .NET to Oracle without installing the Oracle Client

Scenario you support an application that connects to MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, and so on and so forth. You may or may not use an ORM and or you just want to connect directly to the database. You do not … Continue reading

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Overflow error on SQL/Oracle/DB2 Databases

Like OS’s and development frameworks, each database type out there has its own set of error codes when something goes wrong. For calculations/dates and times an Arithmetic Overflow error can be common. Error depending on Database:

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Windows x64, Oracle 11g x64 and Visual Studio 2008/2010 connection

I am sure others out there where like me.  New kid on the block Windows 7 x64 installed, Oracle 11g x64 installed on Server 2008 R2, time to test the .NET web application in full x64 mode.  Setup my target … Continue reading

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