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Entity Framework 5 easier way to update record

In the past with EF if you wanted to update a record you would need to do something like this:

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Create a dynamic where clause using Linq

The scenario that came up today was this.  A data entry application has the following fields, FirstName, LastName, and EmailAddress.

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CS0012: The type ‘System.Data.Spatial.DbGeography’ in Entity Framework and MVC

Last night I was working on a MVC4 project.  Utilizing Entity Framework 5’s new DBGeography when adding the field to the MVC view I received the following error:

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MVC display an image that is stored as a byte array

  So the scenario is; how do we retrieve images that are stored in a database as a byte array and display them on a page utilizing Asp.net MVC.  The major hurtle that needs to be overcome is that a … Continue reading

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DatabaseGeneratedOption does not Exist error after upgrading to Entity Framework 5.x RC or .NET Framework 4.5

Like so many others over the weekend I upgraded to the last RC builds of various Visual Studio 2012 related products.  While updating my Web Api sample project ChlodnyWebApi I ran into one error when upgrading to Entity Framework 5 … Continue reading

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Released Entity Framework Power Tools Beta 2

A few weeks ago I demo’d how to reverse engineer an existing database using the Entity Framework Power tools Beta 1.  A few days ago (9th of April) the EF team  released an update to that tool setup with some … Continue reading

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Chlodny series Day 6: ASP.NET Web API Get configuration

ASP.NET Web API exposes data through a controller called an API controller.  This controller can be added to an existing controller.  To add a new controller: Right-click the controllers folder in the ChlodnyWebApi project and select Add –> Controller. In … Continue reading

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SWFL .NET Developer User Group Presentation: Entity Framework Code First, Asp.Net Web Api, and HTML/jQuery

For the month of March I was the presenter at the SWFL .NET Developer User group.  I am either getting better at this stuff or they are just really loving to be punished.  A big shout out and thanks to … Continue reading

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Chlodny series Day 5: Brief: What is ASP.NET Web API?

ASP.NET Web API is the new product born from WCF for jQuery.  Web API allows services to be created over HTTP rather then utilizing a service contract (SOAP or WS). Web API  creates an avenue for developers to expose data … Continue reading

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Chlodny series Day 4: Entity Framework Code First Migration

Before Entity Framework Code First Migration was introduced in version 4.3.  Developers had a few options if the domain model was different from the database schema. CreateDatabaseIfNotExists : Pretty self explanatory, if on application start Entity Framework cannot find the … Continue reading

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