Windows 8 How to Articles

Have a shinny new Windows 8 machine and attempting to learn about its greatness?  Here are some articles to help you along the way.  Let me know if you need any others that are not on the list.

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Windows 8: How to setup a picture password

Picture passwords are nothing new, many devices and applications incorporate this feature.  Unfortunately like other companies implementation of picture password Microsoft’s versions can be just as annoying for mouse users.  I locked myself out of my domain account 3 times till I got the hang of it.  Microsoft although does seem to understand that it is not perfect and gives an easy way to switch back to typing your password.

Here is not to set picture password:

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My Visual Studio Theme and extension setup

As I do more presentations I often get asked what my color theme and extensions I have installed are.  Well here you go,

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Windows 8: How to shut down

In past version of Windows shutting down your PC use to be trivial, Start –> shutdown and boom you were done.  Let me cut the comments off already, yes there are keyboard short cuts that did the same.

With the removal of the start button, I have noticed a few folks struggling to turn off their PC’s.  Most of the time I have observed them pushing the power button.  Which is not much of an issue today with windows having soft shutdown built in and enabled by default.

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Team Foundation Service Announced

For those that know me, I have been touting TFSPreview since it was an invite only service.  One of the big issues most people had with it was that the pricing schema was speculated but nothing was official.  The worry was that they would put up a bunch of projects only to have them become limited or public.  Well not to fear it has become official.  Here are the details.

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Windows 8: How to label groups on Tile Interface

One of the biggest complaints I had through the various beta’s of Windows 8 was that the tile interface everything was clumped together and after a few apps was unmanageable.  When the final beta released I was happy that you could finally group tiles and somewhat organize them.  This week I learned something new that I would like to pass on.  You can label the groups and give it an almost Xbox feel. 

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C# Data Structures – ArrayList

In the last topic we talked about the Array.  It was mentioned that an Array was a fixed size and fixed typed.  The ArrayList is classified as a dynamic array. It implements the IList interface which simplifies add, insert, and remove commands.  ArrayList is typically thought of as old school and it slowly being replaced with a regular List<T> data structure.

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Windows 8: Error 80096002 on Windows updates after adding to domain

After a little smoke testing I decided to take the dive and upgrade my work notebook to windows 8 Pro.  Everything went great until I added it to the domain.  Once I added it to the domain I was getting this error:


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C# Data Structures – Array

The Array is one of the simplest and most memory efficient of the data structures.  An array is a fixed list of items.  These items can be of any type and 99.9% of the time are the same type of items.  Array items can be accessed directly without the need to iterate through.  Arrays like most other data structures is zero based. Here is an example of a string array:

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