Presenting at Orlando Code Camp Sat March 16th

This year I am given the honor to talk to people at the Orlando Code Camp Saturday March 16th.  This will be my first time there and I am really excited to get a presentation slot. 

4:00 – 4:50 Room  TBD – Test Frist Development/TDD

We are going to dive into what unit testing is, talk about some of the advantages of Unit testing and TDD along with walking through the process of using TDD to create a method.

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NCrunch a Visual Studio Add-In for Unit Testing

I made it a goal late in 2012 that one of my personal task for 2013 was going to be diving deeper into unit testing and mocking.  In my research I came across a unit testing tool for Visual Studio called NCrunch which is developed by Remco Mulder.  I downloaded the trial and immediately fell in love with it.   The rest of this article is a high overview, I highly recommend you check out there site and give it a try.

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South Florida Code Camp 2013 my demo links #sflcc

This year was my second year presenting at the South Florida Code Camp.  I am once again amazed at the amount of attendees, number of sessions, and of course the great folks you get to meet and learn from.

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Entity Framework 5 easier way to update record

In the past with EF if you wanted to update a record you would need to do something like this:

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Presenting at South Florida Code Camp Sat 9th

This coming weekend (Feb 9th) I will be giving two presentations.

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Call WCF Service Asynchronously

Why would we want to call a WCF Service asynchronously?

The biggest reason to move from synchronous to asynchronous is performance.  When a synchronous call is made, the current thread locks till the call is completed.  It varies by OS and programming language but most application will have a set number of threads they can pull out of a thread pool.  If to many threads are being utilized to retrieve data synchronously it could cause the entire application to lock up while it waits for a thread to become available.  This is bad when end user usability plays a large part in development decisions today.

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@media and IE8 and below

So this week I have been working on creating an adaptive UI for the various screen resolutions that our users operate on.  Currently the page was static and looked horrible on high resolution screens.

Playing around with HTML/JS Windows 8 and MVC 4 applications I got the idea of just using @media with a min and max range. On IE 9, 10, Chrome, and Firefox everything looked super.  Then I got the test case of ensuring it also worked on IE 7 and 8.  I Cringed, adding support for older browsers can be troublesome at the very least.

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Change the Computer Name for a TFS workspace

So today I had the enjoyment of the infrastructure team changing the workstation station naming conventions company wide. Which if you have been a developer for sometime this usually will make you cringe.

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PowerShell How to execute a collection of commands stored as strings

So if you follow my PowerShell profile github repo I have a few git function built.  The company I work for like many other companies has components spread out among multiple solutions.  I got tired of switching between solutions to do a git pull.  What do developers do when they get tired of a repetitive task, we script it.  Here is a simple example to get you on your way:

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PostSharp 3 CTP released

On the 26th the great folks at SharpCrafters announced the much anticipated PostSharp 3 CTP (Community Technical Preview).   There are many changes in this CTP so lets review some of them.

For anyone new let me start by a quick explanation of what PostSharp is:

PostSharp is an Aspect-Oriented programming (AOP) framework for the .NET platform.  PostSharp conducts a type of AOP called “static weaving” through a post compiler.  This allows developers eliminate their cross-cutting concerns from cluttering up their source code.

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