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Upgrade Windows 8 HTML/JS from RC to RTM

Working on my Windows 8 HTML/JS application I got the bright idea over the weekend to upgrade to Windows 8 RTM so I could take advantage of Visual Studio 2012 RTM.  Not much of a surprise that there was one … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Apps (HTML/JS) Bing Maps push pin images not loading

This has been fixed in the RP release of Bing Maps for JavaScript ——————– I was messing around with the Bing maps SDK (Beta) for Windows 8 HTML/JS applications and found a quirk in the pushpin options.  I was converting … Continue reading

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Windows 8: Add Run as Administrator to the Context Menu for MSI files

This is an older but goodie that Shawn Brink (@Shawn_Brink_MVP) posted for Windows 7. If you click the link above you can download the registry files or follow these steps to create and execute the .reg files.

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Windows 8: How to move User Folders (Personal Folder)

Windows Vista and Windows 7 moving the user folders was pretty easy.  You would click Start, select your name and you would be at your personal folder location.  Without the start button, Windows 8 has an extra step after that … Continue reading

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Windows 8 : How to switch an account from Local to a Microsoft Account and back again.

With Windows 8 we are given a new choice on the type of account to create.. Microsoft Account.  In the past consumers were only offered a local account.  With a Microsoft Account (A.K.A. Windows Live ID) the end users will … Continue reading

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Windows 8: Hot Corners

Hot corners is nothing new, although it is something that we need to get use to with the decision to remove the start menu button from Windows 8. OSX and Linux have had hot corners for years, Windows users could … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Enable Remote Desktop Connection

To access the remote desktop settings we must first open up the control panel.  In windows 8 there are a few ways to accomplish this task.  For this example we will utilize the new hot corners.

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Bring back the Start button in Windows 8 RP with Stardock

Before I get hate mail.  Let me start off with that I am a developer, and while Metro is cool and great for your average mom and pop that opens maybe an average of 5 different applications in a week, … Continue reading

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Fix Live Mesh internet connection errors

Update Sept 22, 2011 — Friend just informed me that this also fixed an issue with Live Mail. I regularly get an error when I take my notebook from home to work. For some reason Live Mesh chokes on network … Continue reading

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Lync 2010 with Office Communicator 2007 R2

Are you like me, Windows 7 x64 (or another x64 windows OS) and you want to install Office 2010 x64 instead of the 32-bit version but you are trapped because your company still uses Office Communicator 2007 R2. With the … Continue reading

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