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How to Fix “No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header” in ASP.NET WebAPI

I am not 100% sure what Google did to Chromium in Update 42.  However after that update landed I started to get reports of our Angularjs application started to have problems communicating with our ASP.NET WebAPI.  We started getting errors … Continue reading

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Older Web applications and the challenge of IE 10+

As the market share of Internet Explorer 10 increases along with the looming release of Internet Explorer 11 a growing number of web developers are realizing that Microsoft in their great wisdom (I am not against it, just wish there … Continue reading

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Entity Framework 5 easier way to update record

In the past with EF if you wanted to update a record you would need to do something like this:

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Call WCF Service Asynchronously

Why would we want to call a WCF Service asynchronously? The biggest reason to move from synchronous to asynchronous is performance.  When a synchronous call is made, the current thread locks till the call is completed.  It varies by OS … Continue reading

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@media and IE8 and below

So this week I have been working on creating an adaptive UI for the various screen resolutions that our users operate on.  Currently the page was static and looked horrible on high resolution screens. Playing around with HTML/JS Windows 8 … Continue reading

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Health Monitoring with ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET Health Monitoring has been around for a very long time (.net 2.0).  I personally think it is a feature that has been put on the back burner and forgotten about by most.  Health Monitoring was created to help evaluate … Continue reading

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using server.mappath() in an generic handler (.ashx)

Working on a project over the weekend that used a generic handler for some AJAX calls.  In one of the calls I need to map to a local file to great a T4 template file.

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.Net 4.5/MVC/WebAPI RC and the missing JsonArray

  Before the RC release of MVC4/WebAPI JsonArray and JsonObject lived in System.Runtime.Serialization.  Once you upgrade your project these options disappear. The fix is pretty simple.  In the latest RC release of MVC4/WebApi Microsoft switched the JSON handler to JSON.NET

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Chlodny series Day 14: Web Api Upgrade from beta to RC

Over the weekend I finished upgrading the initial parts of the Chlodny Web Api project along with the past blog post of this series.  This post will go over the process I needed to do in order to upgrade from … Continue reading

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Call .NET Code Behind from jQuery

In this task we want to call a pages code behind from jQuery without the requirement of a full web services pages.  First off this will not replace the need for web services (the question came up) and this should … Continue reading

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