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Remove the Microsoft GitProvider from Visual Studio 2013

If you are like me and use a different git tool that operates outside Visual Studio or as an extension or your frankly tired of the performance hit that this provider causes.  Of course the default solution of setting source … Continue reading

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NCrunch a Visual Studio Add-In for Unit Testing

I made it a goal late in 2012 that one of my personal task for 2013 was going to be diving deeper into unit testing and mocking.  In my research I came across a unit testing tool for Visual Studio … Continue reading

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My Visual Studio Theme and extension setup

As I do more presentations I often get asked what my color theme and extensions I have installed are.  Well here you go,

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Team Foundation Service Announced

For those that know me, I have been touting TFSPreview since it was an invite only service.  One of the big issues most people had with it was that the pricing schema was speculated but nothing was official.  The worry … Continue reading

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Manually updating a VSIX file to run in Visual Studio 2012

Disclaimer: This is as is, I cannot guarantee that this will even work and that it will not fubar your VS installation. I had two issue this week.  One I have a project that uses the Microsoft Enterprise Library for … Continue reading

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BugAid–C# Visual Studio Debugging made easier

On September 8th 2012 I gave a presentation on BugAid, an exciting extension/tool for Visual Studio.  BugAid is a C# debugging helper for Visual Studio.  I personally have been using it for about a year on Visual Studio 2010 and … Continue reading

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Get PostSharp to Work .NET 4 and below apps on VS 11 Beta/Win 8

Note: This so far is working on any targeted project that Visual Studio 11 except .NET 4.5.  If something specific is not working on say .net 4 or 3.5 please let me know and I will update this post. Just … Continue reading

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Preprocessor Directives Part 1

As I study and learn new things about PostSharp; which is a Postprocessor AOP tool. I figured I would write a little bit about preprocessors.  In this series we will go over a few of the possible preprocessor directives available … Continue reading

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Silverlight logging errors to a browser debug console (IE, Chrome, Firebug…)

The title says Silverlight but I think this will work for any C# web application (MVC, Web Forms … this is just where I tried it) Sometimes debugging web applications with service calls can be … well… fun when you … Continue reading

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How to set an exe to require Admin authority (UAC) on launch

This is probably something that is pretty common knowledge but I have been asked this a few times. So because I need to write about something here it is… Using Visual Studio Build Solution:

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