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Preprocessor Directives Part 1

As I study and learn new things about PostSharp; which is a Postprocessor AOP tool. I figured I would write a little bit about preprocessors.  In this series we will go over a few of the possible preprocessor directives available … Continue reading

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PostSharp .. User Group .. Code Camp != Sleep

My big week has finally ended.. As always when one chapter closes another opens along with back to writing post.  To recap I was given a great opportunity by SharpCrafters to present on: Introduction to Aspect Oriented programming using PostSharp.

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How PostSharp has improved my ability to follow SRP

For those new to SRP, it stands for Single responsibility principle. Here is a snippet from Wikipedia on the meaning. In object-oriented programming, the single responsibility principle states that every object should have a single responsibility, and that responsibility should … Continue reading

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