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Export a Database to SQL Script for SQL 2008R2/2012

This works in SQL 2008 R2 and higher (so far has worked in express and standard versions) Ever have a Microsoft SQL database in development that you have locked down and you want to move to production, or in my … Continue reading

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SQL Server Report Manager page permission errors

Because things never work out smoothly.  After deploying my samples reports I went to to view it and boom was hit with another permission error: User ‘Win7VM\chadit’ does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted … Continue reading

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SQL Server Reporting insufficient permission error

The past few weeks have been interesting for me.  While I have toyed with existing SQL Server reporting I have never done anything serious with it.  As a typical developer when we do not know something what do we do… … Continue reading

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How to get Entity Framework to talk to SQL CE 4

Note: Eric pointed me to a SQL Compact Toolbox he wrote that does a better job and quicker to setup. So this week I wanted to add a local database to my application and I got the bright idea of … Continue reading

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Connect from .NET to Oracle without installing the Oracle Client

Scenario you support an application that connects to MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, and so on and so forth. You may or may not use an ORM and or you just want to connect directly to the database. You do not … Continue reading

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Error:SQL1159 Initialization error with DB2.NET Data Provider, reason Code 10

Update – 12-01-2010-  If you are running DB 9.7.2 you no longer need to do the following.  IBM has added the ability to connect 64 and 32 bit apps to a single client with Fix Pack 3.  Follow the links … Continue reading

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Overflow error on SQL/Oracle/DB2 Databases

Like OS’s and development frameworks, each database type out there has its own set of error codes when something goes wrong. For calculations/dates and times an Arithmetic Overflow error can be common. Error depending on Database:

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Getting SQL Azure connected through a corporate network.

Most medium to large companies out there have some sort of high end corporate firewall. We use IAS/NPS (Internet Authentication Service/Network Policy Server), different name depending on which flavor of windows server you are running.

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Windows x64, Oracle 11g x64 and Visual Studio 2008/2010 connection

I am sure others out there where like me.  New kid on the block Windows 7 x64 installed, Oracle 11g x64 installed on Server 2008 R2, time to test the .NET web application in full x64 mode.  Setup my target … Continue reading

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