South Florida Code Camp 2013 my demo links #sflcc

This year was my second year presenting at the South Florida Code Camp.  I am once again amazed at the amount of attendees, number of sessions, and of course the great folks you get to meet and learn from.

This year I was lucky and both my sessions were accepted.  Great turn out for both of them.  I loved the feedback and open discussion that occurred in both of them.  As requested here are both of sessions slides and projects.

Session one: Unit Testing and TDD

Description: In this session we talked about the advantages that come from Unit Testing, and an overview of Test Driven Development.  On top of that we talk about a great tool that makes TDD a breeze, nCrunch.  If you haven’t used this tool before, I highly recommend you give the trial a try.

  • Presentation is located here.
  • Demo code is located here.

Session Two: AoP with PostSharp to the Rescue

Description: In this session I showed the power behind using Aspects in your development cycle.  Included in this demo encapsulated how Aspects have many advantages over cut and copy code and boilerplate code.

  • Presentation is located here.
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