Presenting at South Florida Code Camp Sat 9th

This coming weekend (Feb 9th) I will be giving two presentations.

1:20 – 2:30 Room  1052 – Test Frist Development/TDD

We are going to dive into what unit testing is, talk about some of the advantages of Unit testing and TDD along with walking through the creation of a project using TDD.  I will also be demoing a fascinating new unit testing tool called NCrunch.

In honor of Separation of Concerns month (2013 Software Craftsmanship Calendar)


2:40-3:50 Room 1048 – AoP with PostSharp to the Rescue.

In this session we will dive into what Aspect Oriented programming is, how it can be an advantage to development teams, and show off some Aspects including new features coming in PostSharp 3

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