Windows 8: How to setup a picture password

Picture passwords are nothing new, many devices and applications incorporate this feature.  Unfortunately like other companies implementation of picture password Microsoft’s versions can be just as annoying for mouse users.  I locked myself out of my domain account 3 times till I got the hang of it.  Microsoft although does seem to understand that it is not perfect and gives an easy way to switch back to typing your password.

Here is not to set picture password:

Easiest way to get to it:

  1. From the Tile interface start typing “Picture password”
  2. The search bar will appear and click settings
  3. From the search results click “Create or change picture password”


  4. From the PC settings window’s sign-in options click “Create a picture password”


  5. From the Welcome to picture password screen click “Choose picture”
  6. Select the picture you would like to use


  7. After you have made your selection choose “Use this picture”


  8. Now with your mouse or figure draw three points, this can be three dots, lines or a smiley face.
  9. It will ask you to repeat it to verify that you can do it twice in a row.  I highly recommend till you get use it keep it simple.
  10. Click finish and you are good to go, next time you log in it will ask for your picture password first.
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