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Windows 8: How to label groups on Tile Interface

One of the biggest complaints I had through the various beta’s of Windows 8 was that the tile interface everything was clumped together and after a few apps was unmanageable.  When the final beta released I was happy that you … Continue reading

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C# Data Structures – ArrayList

In the last topic we talked about the Array.  It was mentioned that an Array was a fixed size and fixed typed.  The ArrayList is classified as a dynamic array. It implements the IList interface which simplifies add, insert, and … Continue reading

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Windows 8: Error 80096002 on Windows updates after adding to domain

After a little smoke testing I decided to take the dive and upgrade my work notebook to windows 8 Pro.  Everything went great until I added it to the domain.  Once I added it to the domain I was getting … Continue reading

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C# Data Structures – Array

The Array is one of the simplest and most memory efficient of the data structures.  An array is a fixed list of items.  These items can be of any type and 99.9% of the time are the same type of … Continue reading

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C# Data Structures – Queue

Continuing on from my article about Stacks we are going to look at the Queue Data Structure.  Queue is similar to the Stack with one difference it follows First in First out.  By default the initial capacity of a queue … Continue reading

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C# Data Structures – Stack

So a while ago I was in an accounting class learning about inventory management utilizing the First in First out (FIFO) and Last in First out (LIFO).   Since I think about things in ones and zeros I related them to … Continue reading

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Get method name and calling method name in C#

There are times when you need to trace the method call order of your application.   In the System.Diagnostics namespace there is StackTrace.  StackTrace is a collection of StackFrames which provides information about the method calls for the stack call on … Continue reading

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Manually updating a VSIX file to run in Visual Studio 2012

Disclaimer: This is as is, I cannot guarantee that this will even work and that it will not fubar your VS installation. I had two issue this week.  One I have a project that uses the Microsoft Enterprise Library for … Continue reading

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Technical Blogging for the Noob

This post came about from a speech I had to give.  So this is a very high overview. Blog is an abbreviation for the word weblog.  It is an ongoing diary style list of entries usually done in reverse chronological … Continue reading

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