Windows 8 App released: Community Event Finder

I am a little slow with the announcement but I have released an HTML/JS Windows 8 application.  This application is designed to help the Developer and IT Pro community find events in their area.  Currently it aggregates data from Community Megaphone, I am in talks with other groups to work out adding additional sites to be mashed up onto a Mapping API (Bing maps to be specific).

You can view it in the store here.

I am also going to be open sourcing the code soon, so keep an eye on github.

Here is an outline of what is to come.

Version two:

  • Settings: Ability to find events within a certain time frame.  (example see all events 30 days out)
    • Save these settings  in the remote settings
  • App bar
    • Go to your location
    • Go to your home location (setting zip code set and saved in remote settings)
  • Contracts
    • Share events with friends and calendar apps
  • Cache and offline event storage (might get pushed pending on Bing Maps offline capabilities)

Version three:

    • Add additional aggregate sites
    • Navigation and Geolocation
    • Find driving path between your location and an event
    • Abilities to mark an event as watched
    • Live tile update for events being watched

Anything else you would like to see added for now leave a comment.  I might switch to user voice later.

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