Windows 8: How to move User Folders (Personal Folder)

Windows Vista and Windows 7 moving the user folders was pretty easy.  You would click Start, select your name and you would be at your personal folder location.  Without the start button, Windows 8 has an extra step after that it is easy.

  • Open windows explorer (many ways to do this, If you need practice with the metro UI, press windows + q and search)
  • From windows explorer, in the Favorites section in the upper left.  Click Desktop


  • From the Desktop section click on the System Folder with your profile name on it.


  • From here right click any folder you want to move
  • Click properties
  • Select the Location tab


  • Enter the folder address you want to move the folder to
  • Apply
    • You may get a prompt to move the folder, I typically choose yes.
  • Click OK

You should be good to go.

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13 Responses to Windows 8: How to move User Folders (Personal Folder)

  1. Michael says:

    Excellent tip. thanks very much.

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  3. teste says:

    this is no Location tab in my win8

    • chadit says:

      What flavor are you running and are you on a domain? If you are on a domain there is a group policy that can be turned on to hide the location tab.

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  5. says:

    Ctrl-x and Ctrl-v will do the job in one time for all the folders you want to move.

  6. When I right-click my user profile folder, there is no properties option. I’m using Windows 8 Pro.

    • chadit says:

      Are you running this in a domain? There are group policy that can be turned on to prevent properties. If this is stand alone you can send me a screenshot at chadit gmail com and we can work on it together

  7. Erik says:

    No properties option either. Running Windows 8 OEM. (not professional).

  8. Nexwork says:

    Maybe you’re misunderstanding what the author meant. I don’t think Chad was saying that you right-click on the system folder with your profile name, but right-clicking on the individual ‘Documents’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Video’, etc. folders. That is where the ‘Properties’ tab is.

  9. MP says:

    This is why w8 scares me… this looks remarkably simple yet in response to a question on the MS forum, the official answer was to do this:
    Which is way more involved.

  10. Genia says:

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