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using server.mappath() in an generic handler (.ashx)

Working on a project over the weekend that used a generic handler for some AJAX calls.  In one of the calls I need to map to a local file to great a T4 template file.

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Windows 8: Show the extension of a file

I understand for simplicity for the mom and pop that don’t care about file extensions.  I for one always turn them back on.  One because I sometimes need to make a specific file type, example make a registry file, and … Continue reading

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Upgrade Windows 8 HTML/JS from RC to RTM

Working on my Windows 8 HTML/JS application I got the bright idea over the weekend to upgrade to Windows 8 RTM so I could take advantage of Visual Studio 2012 RTM.  Not much of a surprise that there was one … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Apps (HTML/JS) Bing Maps push pin images not loading

This has been fixed in the RP release of Bing Maps for JavaScript ——————– I was messing around with the Bing maps SDK (Beta) for Windows 8 HTML/JS applications and found a quirk in the pushpin options.  I was converting … Continue reading

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Windows 8: Add Run as Administrator to the Context Menu for MSI files

This is an older but goodie that Shawn Brink (@Shawn_Brink_MVP) posted for Windows 7. If you click the link above you can download the registry files or follow these steps to create and execute the .reg files.

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Use PostSharp Aspects across multiple projects in a solution

The question came up today ‘How can I store my aspects in a single project in my solution and allow them to be usable across my application” Luckily for us PostSharp follows DRY and SRP so this is fairly straight … Continue reading

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Windows 8: How to move User Folders (Personal Folder)

Windows Vista and Windows 7 moving the user folders was pretty easy.  You would click Start, select your name and you would be at your personal folder location.  Without the start button, Windows 8 has an extra step after that … Continue reading

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Create a dynamic where clause using Linq

The scenario that came up today was this.  A data entry application has the following fields, FirstName, LastName, and EmailAddress.

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Windows 8 : How to switch an account from Local to a Microsoft Account and back again.

With Windows 8 we are given a new choice on the type of account to create.. Microsoft Account.  In the past consumers were only offered a local account.  With a Microsoft Account (A.K.A. Windows Live ID) the end users will … Continue reading

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