Windows 8: Hot Corners

Hot corners is nothing new, although it is something that we need to get use to with the decision to remove the start menu button from Windows 8.

OSX and Linux have had hot corners for years, Windows users could also experience this feature though 3rd party add-ons.

What is Hot Corners?

Hot corners is simply a mouse over area in the corners of the screen that reveal different options.  The hot corners can also offer different options depending on if the user is on the metro or desktop screen.  There are also different click options available.

Upper Left Corner

  • This is a switch list.  It will display a thumbnail list of all the running application.  Click the thumbnail image to switch between applications.

Lower Left Corner

  • Left click will toggle the user between the desktop or the Metro UI. 
  • Right click will bring up the Admin or Power user menu.

Upper Left/Right Corner

  • Opens the Windows 8 Charm bar
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