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Windows 8: Hot Corners

Hot corners is nothing new, although it is something that we need to get use to with the decision to remove the start menu button from Windows 8. OSX and Linux have had hot corners for years, Windows users could … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Enable Remote Desktop Connection

To access the remote desktop settings we must first open up the control panel.  In windows 8 there are a few ways to accomplish this task.  For this example we will utilize the new hot corners.

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Bring back the Start button in Windows 8 RP with Stardock

Before I get hate mail.  Let me start off with that I am a developer, and while Metro is cool and great for your average mom and pop that opens maybe an average of 5 different applications in a week, … Continue reading

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Bing Maps add tooltip to pushpin

On a project that utilizes the Bing Maps API v7 to display a few points of interest I wanted to add a mouse over tooltip in order to improve the user experience.  This can be done if you add an … Continue reading

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CS0012: The type ‘System.Data.Spatial.DbGeography’ in Entity Framework and MVC

Last night I was working on a MVC4 project.  Utilizing Entity Framework 5’s new DBGeography when adding the field to the MVC view I received the following error:

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MVC display an image that is stored as a byte array

  So the scenario is; how do we retrieve images that are stored in a database as a byte array and display them on a page utilizing MVC.  The major hurtle that needs to be overcome is that a … Continue reading

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