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.Net 4.5/MVC/WebAPI RC and the missing JsonArray

  Before the RC release of MVC4/WebAPI JsonArray and JsonObject lived in System.Runtime.Serialization.  Once you upgrade your project these options disappear. The fix is pretty simple.  In the latest RC release of MVC4/WebApi Microsoft switched the JSON handler to JSON.NET

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Chlodny series Day 14: Web Api Upgrade from beta to RC

Over the weekend I finished upgrading the initial parts of the Chlodny Web Api project along with the past blog post of this series.  This post will go over the process I needed to do in order to upgrade from … Continue reading

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DatabaseGeneratedOption does not Exist error after upgrading to Entity Framework 5.x RC or .NET Framework 4.5

Like so many others over the weekend I upgraded to the last RC builds of various Visual Studio 2012 related products.  While updating my Web Api sample project ChlodnyWebApi I ran into one error when upgrading to Entity Framework 5 … Continue reading

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