SQL Server Reporting insufficient permission error

The past few weeks have been interesting for me.  While I have toyed with existing SQL Server reporting I have never done anything serious with it.  As a typical developer when we do not know something what do we do… search for tutorials.  I was at the step to deploy the reports to SQL Server reporting server and when I select deploy I was greeted with the following message”:

The permissions granted to user 'Win7VM\chadit' are insufficient for performing this operation

Of course my first thought was that I screwed something up when setting up my user on SQL server, so I verified that I had the proper permissions setup on SQL Server.  You should think with that error this would be the cause… nope.

To get around this error, run Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) (pre 2008 R2 server) or SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) (SQL Server 2012) as administrator.  Looks like UAC is preventing the process to execute.

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