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Export a Database to SQL Script for SQL 2008R2/2012

This works in SQL 2008 R2 and higher (so far has worked in express and standard versions) Ever have a Microsoft SQL database in development that you have locked down and you want to move to production, or in my … Continue reading

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SQL Server Report Manager page permission errors

Because things never work out smoothly.  After deploying my samples reports I went to to view it and boom was hit with another permission error: User ‘Win7VM\chadit’ does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted … Continue reading

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SQL Server Reporting insufficient permission error

The past few weeks have been interesting for me.  While I have toyed with existing SQL Server reporting I have never done anything serious with it.  As a typical developer when we do not know something what do we do… … Continue reading

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Call .NET Code Behind from jQuery

In this task we want to call a pages code behind from jQuery without the requirement of a full web services pages.  First off this will not replace the need for web services (the question came up) and this should … Continue reading

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Chlodny series Day 13: Web Api Update

[Updated Web Api RC] The last part of the local CRUD application is update.  We will be following a similar pattern that was conducted in Day 12. Open CustomerController.cs and create a new method named PutCustomer that returns a HttpResponseMessage.    … Continue reading

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Chlodny series Day 12: Web Api Create

[Updated to Web Api RC] In our quest to create a CRUD application we have completed the read and the delete portion.  In this article we will generate the create functionality.  For now I am using the jQuery Templates in … Continue reading

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