SWFL .NET Developer User Group Presentation: Entity Framework Code First, Asp.Net Web Api, and HTML/jQuery

For the month of March I was the presenter at the SWFL .NET Developer User group.  I am either getting better at this stuff or they are just really loving to be punished.  A big shout out and thanks to them and to my friends John and Brad for talking me into giving this a try last year , I really enjoy presenting.

For this month I presented on a collage of different technologies and demonstrated a way to bring them all together in a full fledged CRUD application.

For fun I call the series Chlodny, which means cool or cold in Polish.  The series can be found here.  There are many many more to come.  I have also posted the sample application I am building for these demos here.

For those that missed the presentation and could like to see the PowerPoint it is here.

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