Windows 8 How to add Open PowerShell Here to Context menu

I use git-tfs and poshgit on windows.  So when I need to do a check-in I need to open PowerShell, navigate to the location of the project and so on and so forth.  That can get tedious at times, similarly to how users would add  open command window here.

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Split a PCM Stereo into multiple mono files by channel

For this you can read and write the data streams as you like, to keep things simple I am using NAudio.  This should negate the need to write custom stream readers/writers to get channel/header information. 

First thing we need to do is read the audio file into a byte array.  This can be accomplished like this:

using (var s = new WaveFileReader(@"C:\temp\testStereo.wav"))
     BinaryReader br = new BinaryReader(s);
     byte[] data = br.ReadBytes((int)s.Length);
     WriteNewAudioFiles(data, @"C:\Temp\", s.WaveFormat.Channels);

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BugAid is now OzCode and improved

Back in September 2012 I wrote an article BugAid – C# Visual Studio Debugging made easier . BugAid’s co-founder Omer Reviv has joined forces with CodeValue to produce OzCode.  Base product wise it does everything BugAid did before (read the linked article if you like, and in normal fashion they have added some additions in order to improve it. 

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Move the folder location of Windows Live Writer

For blogging there are a slew of tools and when you find one that works well for you, you tend to stick with it.  For me that tool was Windows Live Writer which is included as part of the windows essential package.  Live writer has a simple installer with one downside.  You have no control in the installer over were the Drafts and Recent Post folders are located.  I like to hold mine in a cloud drive for backup and syncing between all my machines.

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How to Unit Test a Private/Protected Method with MSTEST

Note: these steps work for both private and protected methods

Search online or post this question on Stack Overflow and guess what you will get in response most of the time.  

Don’t do it, I repeat Do not unit test private methods

These are 3 of common responses I found online as to why you should not unit test private methods.

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Older Web applications and the challenge of IE 10+

As the market share of Internet Explorer 10 increases along with the looming release of Internet Explorer 11 a growing number of web developers are realizing that Microsoft in their great wisdom (I am not against it, just wish there was an option) removed the ability to use conditional comments.

In a sense breaking every legacy application that a company might be using.  For those that do not know or need a refresh, conditional comments where a way to do something like this:

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Battle of the INotifyPropertyChanged techniques

Recently at a conference I was given the opportunity to talk about Aspect Orientated programming with PostSharp.  In my demo I showed off the difference between creating an INotifyPropertyChanged class manually, using boilerplate code generated by Resharper, and using smart tags built into PostSharp 3.  By the request of a few, here is what was covered.

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Presenting at Orlando Code Camp Sat March 16th

This year I am given the honor to talk to people at the Orlando Code Camp Saturday March 16th.  This will be my first time there and I am really excited to get a presentation slot. 

4:00 – 4:50 Room  TBD – Test Frist Development/TDD

We are going to dive into what unit testing is, talk about some of the advantages of Unit testing and TDD along with walking through the process of using TDD to create a method.

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NCrunch a Visual Studio Add-In for Unit Testing

I made it a goal late in 2012 that one of my personal task for 2013 was going to be diving deeper into unit testing and mocking.  In my research I came across a unit testing tool for Visual Studio called NCrunch which is developed by Remco Mulder.  I downloaded the trial and immediately fell in love with it.   The rest of this article is a high overview, I highly recommend you check out there site and give it a try.

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South Florida Code Camp 2013 my demo links #sflcc

This year was my second year presenting at the South Florida Code Camp.  I am once again amazed at the amount of attendees, number of sessions, and of course the great folks you get to meet and learn from.

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